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Column selection guide

GPC/SEC columns can be selected by different criteria depending on your analytical goal (highest resolution, product screening, etc.). This page will present the most important and essential criteria.

The magic here is not a "random lucky strike".  It is PSS ability to design stationary phases that cover the full range of polarity, inherently, thus preventing interactions between polymer and stationary phases during a SEC analysis.  
The PSS magic triangle is a visual aid for the quick selection of analysis matrix, where the three sides represent sample, mobile phase, and stationary phase.  By applying the principle of "like dissolves alike" you will  ensure interaction free   GPC/SEC chromatography.  Generally, the sample polarity mandates the polarity of the solvent and consequently that of the stationary phase and calibration standard.

1.Step: Optimum Stationary Phase

The PSS column concept is to minimize interactions between polymer and stationary phases by providing stationary phases of different polarities.

In general, the sample is the determinant factor: the polarity of the sample defines the polarity of the solvent and therefore also that of the stationary phase. To ensure interaction free chromatography the stationary phase needs to be selected carefully.

The PSS Magic Triangle provides a quick visual aid for the selection of columns, where the three sides represent sample, mobile phase, and stationary phase.

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GPC SEC Column Selection Magic Triangle
GPC SEC Column Selection for Aqueous

Making the PSS Magic Triangle

Construct an isosceles triangle by locating the polarity of sample and mobile phase; the peak of the Magic Triangle guides you to the proper stationary phase. This concept is also applicable for aqueous GPC/SEC. The magic triangle for aqueous systems takes the pH value instead of the stationary phase into account.

If in doubt...

Contact us or your closest representative for further information.

PSS offers also a column selection service for new applications.

2. Step: Field of Application



Analytical linear or mixed bed GPC/SEC columns

Product screening at constant peak resolution
Analysis time: ~ 12 min per sample

Combination of analytical single porosity GPC/SEC columns

Highest resolution and maximum information
Analysis time: > 12 min per sample

Use the column combinations recommended by PSS to avoid column mismatch.

comparison linear vs. column combination

HighSpeed GPC/SEC columns

Very fast results needed in process control and high throughput screening
Analysis time: 2 - 4 min per sample

Micro GPC/SEC columns

Solvent saving, small sample amounts

Preparative GPC/SEC columns

Preparative sample fractionation, sample collection

Lux columns

GPC/SEC-light scattering or Triple detections

In any case use GPC/SEC precolumns for the protection of the main columns.

Column dimensions

Tip: For additional column dimensions please call us or your closest representative.

3. Step: Particle Sizes and Porosities

Select the proper particle size and porosities.


4. Browse our entire selection of columns below.

Columns for polymers soluble in water + salts/buffers, MeOH, acetonitrile

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