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PSS offers the widest range of column materials optimized for aqueous or organic solvents alike.

Columns for polymers soluble in water + salts/buffers, MeOH, acetonitrile

  • MCX - part numbers 

    Aqueous GPC/SEC of sulfonated polyanions: for Poly(styrene sulfonate), Lignin sulfonate, Modified Starches, Acids, Alcohols, Pectins, and others   specifications

  • NOVEMA Max - part numbers 

    Aqueous GPC/SEC of polycations: for Polymeric Quarternary Ammonium Compounds, Poly (DADMAC), Poly(vinylpyridine), Chitosan, Poly(ethyleneimine), and others specifications

  • PROTEEMA - part numbers 

    Aqueous GPC/SEC separation of proteins: for natural and synthetic Proteins, Peptides, Enzymes, Gelatins/Collagens specifications

  • SUPREMA - part numbers 

    Aqueous GPC/SEC of neutral and anionic polymers: for PEO/PEG, Pullulan, Dextran, Poly(acrylamide), Hyaluronic acid, Poly(acrylic acid), CMC, a.o.   specifications 


Columns for polymers soluble in Organic Solvents


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Installation tips and column handling
GPC Columns Selection Tool

PSS manufactures and produces different GPC/SEC column types for a variety of applications:


Lux Column preview
  Columns for Light Scattering Detection

Lux columns reach the steady state mode > 25 times faster than conventional columns, and their overall noise reduction is more than 25 times better.

Traditional GPC/SEC columns can produce excessive baseline noise from particulates in the eluent stream, which can significantly deteriorate the quality of the light scattering detectors data (especially LALLS/LALS)  Normally a new column set needs a 'conditioning' process, which involves flushing the columns to waste without any detector connected.

Contact us for Lux column pricing and availability. 

One linear or Multiple columns preview
  Mixed Bed Column vs. Column Combination
Comparison linear column XL with a column combination for high molar masses
One Linear Column
: fast analysis time, broad molar mass range 
Column combination: high resolution

analytical vs Highspeed
HighSpeed Calibration

HighSpeed vs. Analytical Columns 

A HighSpeed column (red line) reduces the run time for a sample (broad Poly(styrene)) by a factor of 6 - 8 compared to a conventional column (black line).

HS will substitute for analytical columns without modifications to your LC system, as long as pump and detectors accommodate 6.25 ml/min. At this flow rate, you will speed up the measurement using the same amount of solvent you currently use.

Calibration with Poly(styrene) ReadyCal green, red, and white: each contains 4 different molecular weight standards.

PSS offers a wide variety of column dimensions and will manufacture custom sizes upon request. 

PSS uses stainless steel (V4A) columns of standard dimensions that fit any HPLC or GPC/SEC instrument.

GPC/SEC Columns

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