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Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC), Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), or Gel Filtration Chromatography (GFC) are names used interchangeably for a liquid chromatography technique to obtain the molecular weight distribution of a polymer. Contrary to normal HPLC methods that rely on interactions between sample and stationary phase, GPC must operate free of interactions to assure separation by size only.  Only the entropy effects should influence the separation. 

  • Select an adequate stationary phase (column material)
  • Completely fill the system with mobile phase. 
  • Make sure to use only mobile phases that are compatible with the gel.
  • Use guard column to increase the column life.
  • Determine the Plate Count, Asymmetry and Resolution of your column
  • Determine the molecular weight range of the separation with a calibration curve.
  •  Filter your sample through a 0.45-micron filter to prevent solids from entering the column.
  • Use appropriate concentrations and injection volume balance to prevent column overload.  The higher the molecular weight the lower the sample concentration.
  •  Maintain a flow that agrees with the column diameter and viscosity of sample to prevent shearing and backpressure. 
  •  Use multiple columns (in series) to improve the resolution and/or expand the separation range.

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