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PSS data acquisition hardware

PSS offers state-of-the-art data acquisition hardware to collect data from any HPLC/GPC/SEC system. The PSS Universal Data Center UDC810 is a multiple channel chromatography interface that can be connected to any instrument.

  • converts analog detector signals to digital signals
  • collects trigger signals from autosampler/manual injectors
  • transmits the digitalized data to the host PC (e.g. to WinGPC Unity)

The UDC810 can manage up to 4 instruments/systems with up to 30 detector signals/channels. For best performance and highest level of safety even for large distances between the instrument and the host PC, PSS AD converters can be connected to the UDC. The AD converters use optical data transmission and guarantee highest signal quality even over large distances. 

PSS GPC/SEC data acquisition Hardware guarantees:

  • latest technology using optical data transmission
  • highest resolution
  • stable and buffered data collection
  • galvanic separation for highest signal quality
  • easy installation
  • almost maintenance-free operation

Universal data center UDC810

The UDC810 is a multiple channel chromatography interface that allows reliable and secure data acquisition from multiple instruments simultaneously. It converts the analog signal from analytical detectors to digital data and transmits it to the host via serial, USB and LAN/WAN connections. It employs an independent buffer for methods and data to ensure uninterrupted data transfer even if the computer hangs. The UDC810 can read data from all GPC/SEC related detectors which provide analog output signals. Up to 30 channels (detectors) for up to 4 chromatographs can be acquired and processed.


  • connection to host PC via COM, USB, or LAN port
  • 8 input relays for autosampler/manual injector trigger signals
  • 8 programmable output relays with full galvanic separation, e.g. for fraction collector or 2D valve control
  • 2 independent internal A/D channels for detector signals
  • increased channel number with fiber optics cards and PSS AD converters
  • further expansion by easy daisy-chaining of UDCs
  • 512 kB RAM internal data buffer
  • integrated UDC validation and verification options

Part numbers:

  • UDC810-2 (2 detector signals):                401-0018
  • UDC810-6 (6 detector signals):                401-0022
  • UDC810-10 (10 detector signals):            401-0023
  • 4 optical channels card for UDC810-2:       401-0019
  • 8 optical channels card for UDC810-2/6:    401-0020
  • network data acquisition option:                401-0021 

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A/D converters

The PSS A/D converters can be connected to any GPC/SEC detector. Data transfer from detector to the UDC810 is done using fiber optics, which has proven to be the safest and most reliable connection. This technique leads to electrically isolation between detector and data collecting equipment and therefore to stable signals in any electrical environment. The fiber optics technique can be used for distances up to 1000m.


  • 24bit resolution, continously integrating
  • advanced fiber optics technique
  • reliable, safe and long-range data transfer
  • small size for all environments
  • extremely high reliability and stability
  • guaranteed galvanic separation of instrumentation

Part numbers:

  • A/D converter 2 (-2,5 - +7,5 V):               401-0005
  • A/D converter 4 (-0,5 - +1,5 V):               401-0006

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