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Biocompatibility of Alginates for Grafting: Impact of Alginate Molecular Weight 

S Schneider, PJ Feilen, O Kraus, T Haase, TA ¡­ - ARTIFICIAL CELLS, BLOOD SUBSTITUTES, AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, 2003 - Taylor & Francis 
... 18¨C277 kg mol À 1 were used. Using the WINGPC 1 Software (Polymer Standards Service (PSS), Figure 2. Molecular weight distribution ...

Synthesis of Hyperbranched Polymers by Anionic Self-Condensing Vinyl Polymerization 
D Baskaran - Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 2001 - doi.wiley.com 
... The data were processed using PolymerStandards Service software (PSS WinGPC). THF was used as the mobile phase at a flow rate of 1 ml min ¨C1 at 308C. ... 

New Developments in Multidimensional Chromatography of Complex Polymers
H Pasch, M Adler, F Rittig, S Becker - Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2005 - doi.wiley.com 
... For data collection and processing, the software package WinGPC-Software¡¯ (Polymer StandardsService GmbH, Mainz, Germany) was used. ... 

Streamlined GPC/SEC analysis with optimum column design. 
T Hofe, D Held, G Reinhold, C Trimmer - American Laboratory, 2003 - iscpubs.com 

Use of gradient, critical, and two-dimensional chromatography in the analysis of styrene- and methyl methacrylate-grafted epoxidized natural rubber
SM Graef, AJP Van Zyl, RD Sanderson, B Klumperman, ¡­ - Journal of Applied PolymerScience, 2003 - doi.wiley.com 
... 1,2 Data ac- quisition and processing were automatically per- formed by the Polymer Standards Servicesoftware: WINGPC 4 and PSS-2D-GPC-Software, 

Polymer Reference Materials: Round-Robin Tests for the Determination of Molar Masses 
UD Just, SD Weidner, PD Kilz, TD Hofe - International Journal of Polymer Analysis and ¡­, 2005 - Taylor & Francis          
... standards had to be used (PSS PolymerStandards Service GmbH, Germany ... 

High-Temperature Liquid Chromatography at Critical Conditions: Separation of Polystyrene from Blends with Polyethylene and Ethylene-Styrene Block Copolymers
LCR Heinz, TR Macko, HR Pasch, MSR Weiser, RR ¡­ - International Journal of PolymerAnalysis and Characterization Volume 11, Number 1 / January-February  2006 - Taylor & Francis ... [17] For data collection and processing the software package WinGPC-Software (PolymerStandards Service, Mainz, Germany) was used. 

New Chromatographic and Hyphenated Techniques for Hydrophilic Copolymers
H Pasch, M Adler, D Knecht, F Rittig, R Lange - Macromol. Symp, 2006 - doi.wiley.com 

Isolation and fractionation of lignosulfonates by amine extraction and ultrafiltration: A comparative study 
O Ringena, B Saake, R Lehnen - Holzforschung, 2005 - extenza-eps.com 
... as the eluent with a polymer standard service...  and evaluation were performed using WINGPC 6.20 Software ... (PSS) GRAM 30 

Two-Dimensional Chromatography as an Essential Means for Understanding Macromolecular Structure
PS Kilz - Chromatographia, 2004 - Springer 

Multidimensional chromatographic and hyphenated techniques for hydrophilic copolymers, 1: Analysis 
M ADLER, F RITTIG, S BECKER, H PASCH - Macromolecular chemistry and physics(Print), 2005 - doi.wiley.com 

...processing the software package¡®¡®WinGPC-Software¡¯¡¯ (Poly- mer StandardsService GmbH, Mainz ... 

W Radke, AHE Müller - Polym. Prepr.(Am. Chem. Soc., Div. Polym. Chem, 1999 - uni-bayreuth.de 
... Data acquisition was performed using PSS WinGPC and ...

Preparation and characterization of graft terpolymers with controlled molecular structure 
JF Lutz, N Jahed, K Matyjaszewski - Journal of Polymer Science, Part A, PolymerChemistry, 2004 - doi.wiley.com 
... Data acquisition and processing were per- formed with Polymer Standards Servicesoftware: WINGPC 7 and PSS-2D-GPC Software. Theoretical Molecular Weight ... 

Characterisation of regioselectively functionalized 2, 3-O-carboxymethyl cellulose by enzymatic and chemical methods 
UG Heinze, JG Schaller, TG Heinze, SG Horner, BG ¡­ - Cellulose, 2000 - Springer 
... The software WINGPC 4.0 from Polymer standard service (PSS) was used for data capture and evaluation of the results. Preparative ... 

Synthesis and SAM formation of water soluble functional carboxymethylcelluloses: thiosulfates and thioethers
GA Wenz, PA Liepold, NA Bordeanu - Cellulose, 2005 - Springer 
... index detection by Polymer Standards Service. Weight average molecular weights Mw were cal- culated from the elution curves by the program WinGPC 

Star-Shaped Poly (L-lactide) s with Variable Numbers of Hydroxyl Groups at Polyester Arms Chain-Ends and directly attached to the star-shaped core - Controlled synthesis and characterization 
T BIELA, A DUDA, H PASCH, K RODE - Journal of Polymer Science: Part A: PolymerChemistry, 2005 - doi.wiley.com 
... added. Data acquisition was performed using PSS- WINGPC software version 4 (PolymerStandards Service, Mainz, Germany). Samples ...           

Synthesis and Characterization of Block Copolymers of P (MMA©\b©\n©\BA©\b©\MMA) via Ambient Temperature ATRP of MMA
KA Dayananda, AA Ramakrishnan, RA Dhamodharan - Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A: Pure and Applied ¡­, 2005 - Taylor & Francis 
... 1100 series auto sampler, three polymer standard service 5 mm ... 0.2 wt% solutions of the polymer in THF ... calculated with PSS software (PSS WinGPC Scientific V 6.10 ... 

Engineering of Chimeric Class II Polyhydroxyalkanoate Synthases

 N Niamsiri, SC Delamarre, YR Kim, CA Batt - Applied and Environmental Microbiology - aem.asm.org 
... weight polystyrene standards (PSS Polymer Standards Service, Silver Spring, Md.). The data were collected and analyzed with PSS WINGPC software scientific ... 

Free volume changes in mechanically milled PS and PC studied by positron annihilation lifetimespectroscopy (PALS)
K Guenther-Schade, HL Castricum, HJ Ziegler, H ¡­ - Polymer Engineering and Science, 2004 - doi.wiley.com 
... in PS/DVB(styragel divinyl benzene, SDV)gel columns from Polymer Standard-ServiceGmbH (PSS ... The Software ... WINGPC 6.01 (PSS), and ... 

Monitoring the grafting of epoxidized natural rubber by size-exclusion chromatography coupled to FTIR spectroscopy
AJP Van Zyl, SM Graef, RD Sanderson, B Klumperman, ¡­ - Journal of Applied PolymerScience, 2003 - doi.wiley.com 
... A), and HR6 (10 6 A). Polymer Standards Service (PSS) WinGPC Scientific V4.02 was used for data acquisition and data analysis. THF ... 

High pressure stable SEC phases for high-resolution oligosaccharide analysis
C Dauwe, G Reinhold - American laboratory(Fairfield), 2002 - iscpubs.com 

Mode of action of acetylesterases associated with endoglucanases towards water-soluble and -insoluble cellulose acetates
CD Altaner, BD Saake, JD Puls - Cellulose, 2001 - Springer 
... refractive index. The WINGPC 3.0 software (Polymer Standard Service, Mainz, Germany) was used for data aquisition. Results and discussion ...

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