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Application Notes and Webinars

  • 2D Polymer Analysis of a Graft Copolymer +

    Dr. Martina Adler, PSS Mainz, talks about 2-dimensional chromatography of polymers and explains why the combination of interaction chromatography with GPC/SEC is a powerful, high-peak-capacity technique to investigate complex (co)polymers and to determine composition and molar mass in a single Read More
  • Molar mass determination of Heparin using GPC/SEC as required by EP/USP +

    Both the Pharmaeuropa and the US Pharmacopeia, require GPC/SEC to characterize e.g. Enoxaparin Sodium or other low molar mass heparins with respect to molecular weight.    Full application note here: Automated USP EP GPC/SEC Analysis of Low Molecular Weight Heparin Read More
  • GPC/SEC Light Scattering Tips & Tricks +

    The influence of analytical parameters on gel permeation chromatography/size-exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC)–light scattering results when artificially wrong parameters reflecting typical experimental errors are used. Hyphenation of gel permeation chromatography/ size-exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) with light scattering can help both methods to overcome Read More
  • GPC/SEC Flow Marker - An Easy Concept to Increase Reproducibility +

    Experienced gel permeation chromatography/size-exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) users know that equilibration of the columns takes much longer than the time needed by the pump to produce a constant flow. An analysis in this phase would clearly yield different results from those Read More
  • Separation of statistic MMA-MAA Copolymers using Gradient SEC +

    Isocratic GPC/SEC is a powerful tool to separate macromolecules based on their hydrodynamic volume. In case of homopolymers GPC/SEC allows the fast, precise and easy determination of the complete molar mass distribution. Unfortunately many modern polymeric materials are copolymers and isocratic GPC/SEC does not Read More
  • High resolution Saccharide and Polysaccharide Analysis using Small Particles +

    The PSS SUPREMA column with a reduced particle size of 5 µm offers a significant improvement in performance compared to traditional 10 µm materials and provides outstanding additional resolution, especially in the low molecular weight area, which is a major Read More
  • Time saving, high resolution GPC/SEC using micro columns and optimized RI detection +

    Efficient and fast separation for low molar mass polymers and proteins can be achieved using a combination of micro columns packed with smaller particles and optimized detectors. Although traditional analytical RI detectors, such as the SECcurity RI, profit from the Read More
  • PSS GRAM Columns for GPC/SEC Characterization of Natural Starches +

    Starch is composed of two macromolecules differing in size and structure. Amylose is a weakly branched polymer and amylopectin is a highly branched polymer with a higher molecular weight than amylose. Natural starch characterization with SEC/GPC is a challenge, because Read More
  • Investigation of Iron Polysaccharide Complexes by GPC/SEC Using RI- and UV-Detection +

    Dual-detection Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC), also known as Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), provides an easy and effective way to measure the molar mass distribution and the amount of free, unbound polysaccharide of iron polysaccharide complexes. Introduction Human bodies contains iron in the red Read More
  • It's Magic - GPC/SEC Column Concept Webinar +

    It's Magic - the PSS GPC/SEC Column Concept Webinar This webinar discusses basic concepts for selecting columns with respect to analytical task, resolution and long term reproducibility. In the webinar, suggestions and practical advice for method development as well as optimization for Read More
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Latest News

  • GPC Training Course June 4th – 5th 2019 +

    GPC Training CourseJune 4th – 5th 2019 PSS USA will be hosting their GPC training course again. It provides lectures on Read More
  • Presentation at ACS Spring 2019 National Meeting & Expo +

    ACS Spring 2019 National Meeting in Orlando, FL, March 31 – April 4, 2019.  Determination of the Chemical Heterogeneity of Ternary Read More
  • New PSS e-book Series +

    Part 1: GPC/SEC Theory and Background Contact us to receive a free copy of PSS e-book Series part 1: GPC/SEC Read More
  • PSS Webcasts (on-demand) +

    PSS Webcasts (on-demand) Duration: 60 minutes, Q&A session included GPC/SEC/GFC Basics This webinar is designed for beginners and scientists who Read More
  • Introducing our new Online Store +

    We are pleased to announce that we will be launching our NEW and IMPROVED PSS online store on November 2nd . You Read More
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