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 Example configurations: Each includes in-line vacuum degasser and solvent bottle tray 

Type  Academic  Quality Control  Research
Solvent Delivery Isocratic Pump Isocratic Pump Quaternary Pump
Injector     Manual Injector Autosampler  Autosampler
Column Oven Column Oven Column Oven Column Oven   with column selection valve
Detector Refractive Index Refractive Index Refractive Index
Detector     MWD Uv/vis Viscometer
Detector     Multi-Angle LS
Data System WinGPC UniChrom WinGPC UniChrom cfr WinGPC UniChrom LS/Visco
Other    Validation, IQ/OQ  

Complete GPC System

SECcurity GPC System's  unrivaled performance results from the synergy between PSS' focused GPC development and Agilent's  instrumentation:1260 Series LC Systems & Modules, known for their reliability.  The integrated modular configuration meets the most stringent user expectations for accuracy, precision, reliability and validability.  

 Complete GPC system

Pumps and degassers

Isocratic pump 1260 - Agilent
Binary pump 1260 - Agilent
Quaternary pump 1260- Agilent 
Degasser 1260 - Agilent

 SECcurity isocratic pumps

Injection systems

Standard autosampler 1260 - Agilent

Rheodyne manual injector
Manual injector 1260 - Agilent
This injector for low throughput sampling is designed for general GPC users. A long-life Rheodyne® 7-port sample injection valve ensures easy use and maintainenance.  It is possible to cascade manual injector and/or column organizer


Concentration detectors

RI detector 1260 (Refractive Index)- Agilent
VW detector 1260 (UV, Variable Wavelengths)- Agilent
MW detector 1260  (Multiple Wavelengths)- Agilent
Diode array detector 1260- Agilent 
Shodex RI detector

 refractive index detector

Light Scattering Detectors 

Light Scattering Detectors

 Seven Angle molecular weight analyzer


ETA 2010 Viscometer


Column Compartments and Fraction Collection

Column oven 1260 - Agilent
Column oven T1000 
Column oven K4
Column oven K5

 SECcurity1260 Column Compartment

Instrument Control

Control module 1260
Instant Pilot - SECcurity system control 

ChromPilot - SECcurity system control

 Instant Pilot - SECcurity system controlSystem Pilot - SECcurity system control



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