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SECcurity GPC System 

The unrivaled performance of SECcurity GPC System results from the synergy between PSS' focused GPC development - WinGPC Unity, its modules, robust column technology and method know-how - and Agilent's highly reliable instrumentation - Series 1100 to 1260, LC Systems & Modules.  

Uncompromised GPC Data Quality
Accuracy, Precision, Reliability and Validability  

SECcurity pledges un-compromised GPC data quality, flexibility, and optimum productivity.  Its integrated modular configuration is aimed to meet the most stringent user expectations for accuracy, precision, reliability and validability. 

Whatever your priority, speed, resolution, sensitivity, or data accountability,SECcurity ensures configurations ideally suited to meet your application requirements. Intuitive user interfaces will let you instantaneously control and monitor the instrument status. 

SECcurity pumps and degassers
SECcurity injection systems
SECcurity detectors (RI, VWD, MWD, DAD, ELSD, light scattering, viscometer, FTIR-Interface)
SECcurity column compartments, fraction collectors, and instrument control
WinGPC UniChrom Macromolecular Chromatography Data System (MCDS)
Batch PSS dn/dc instruments for reliable light scattering detection

Together with PSS high resolution GPC/SEC columns, PSS calibration and validation standards, and PSS installation, qualification and training services SECurity users receive a single-vendor GPC system solution with unmatched applicability.

WinGPC UniChrom optimizes the data acquisition and analysis, offers rapid and efficient data review tools and ensures conformity with the most stringent electronic records requirements. The Agilent diagnostic software enables Intelligent Services providing more uptime. Intelligent Services is a set of real-time, remote instrument monitoring and diagnostic service features.


In addition to performance tests for each and all of the system hardware components,  WinGPC applies a System Suitability Test which ensures that the entire combination of the parts, work in accordance with the performance specifications of the specific analysis method. Achieve a full system validation with the optional EasyValid Validation kit. 

Sytem Control      

Use your PC with PSS WinGPC UniChrom or the Agilent Instant Pilot:  
PSS ChromPilot module controls up to four systems (per WinGPC license). GPC dedicated functions and easy-to-use end actions ensure high productivity and optimized work flow. The Agilent Instant Pilot provides single system control for easy instrument setup without a PC and access to direct functionality during maintenance.


Comprehensive system and instrument logbooks, accessible via WinGPC Unity System Pilot, guarantee traceability and transparent operation. Early maintenance feedback tracks system usage and provides timely alerts for parts replacement, increasing the system uptime.  Additional compliance tools are obtained with the optional WinGPC Compliance Pack module. 


Given that GPC precision relies on pump performance, the 1260 series pumps boast high inter- and intra-day retention volume precision. This increases the accuracy of results and prevents the need of re-calibration with consequent savings of time and solvent. The WinGPC Unity internal standard correction guarantees the long term reproducibility.  Isocratic, binary or quaternary pumps, extend the solvent range up to 4 solvents  


The 1260 autosamplers prove precisions of < 0.5% RSD and superior accuracy.
Precise injection volumes that are known  important for conventional GPC with RI and/or UV detection, are fundamental for systems with light scattering or viscometry detection.   An optional  thermostat  may be used to define conditions between 4 and 40oC. 

The 1260 refractive index detector (RID) combines exceptional baseline stability with efficient work-flow support through an integrated solvent saver, easy accessible via WinGPC System Pilot end action settings. WinGPC Unity ability to control multiple detectors opens the instrument to use all available detection possibilities: RI, UV, ELSD, PID, LSVisco etc. 

HighSpeed Throughput    

The fast cycle time and the unique flow-through design make the SECcurity system first choice for high productivity environments. The PSS HighSpeed column technology decreases the elution time, while the WinGPC ability to overlay injections result in time-savings


The modular and flexible design of SECcurity protects your investment offering expandability on various levels:
1.    (Semi-) Preparative operation with automated fraction collection

2.    Intelligent detection and new methods increase information content and depth: 

3.    Innovative informatics solutions optimize the internal work flow, ensuring a transparent, time and cost efficient operation: 

Enhanced Quality Assurance 

Adding the optional WinGPC UniChrom Compliance Pack module (with Qualification workbook) to fully document compliance of the SECcurity system with (GLP -GMP) requirements 

Support and Services      

PSS provides full services for all stages of a life cycle, from installation and upgrade to validation, operation, and repair. PSS service for the GPC1260 includes GPC dedicated system tests and performance tests for application specific requirements.

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