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SECcurity Column Compartments 


SECcurity column compartment 80°/100°
  SECcurity Column Compartment
Part numbers:
Thermostat up to 80°C:    404-0011
Thermostat up to 100°C:  404-0037  
The SECcurity GPC1200 thermostat-controlled column compartment 80°/100° fits in a single stack for bench space savings. 
Two versions are available: the column compartment for temperatures up to 80° C and a version for temperatures up to 100° C. Three full-length, 30-cm columns fit inside the column racks. Optional column switching valve can be included. 

Temperature range   10 degrees below ambient to 80° C/100° C

Temperature accuracy  ± 0.8° C with calibration ± 0.5° C
Column capacity:  three 30-cm columns
Heat-up time:  5 min from ambient to 40° C
Cool-down time: 10 min from 40 °C to 20° C
GLP/Compliance:  Electronic records of maintenance and errors, automated OQ/PV procedures.

SECcurity K7 column compartment
  K7 Column Compartment
Part number: 409-0001
In additon SECcurity GPC1200 supports a column compartment for more than three columns or easier column handling. The SECcurity K7 offers a spacious column rack and can be equipped with a manual injection valve or a column switching valve.
Temperature range  5° C to 85° C 
Temperature drift:  < 0.1° C / 24 h
Temperature accuracy  ± 0.1° C
Column capacity:   up to six 30-cm columns
Heat-up/cool-down time:  5 min from ambient to 40° C; 10 min from 40 °C to 20° C
GLP/Compliance:  Electronic records of maintenance and errors, automated OQ/PV procedures.

SECcurity quaternary pump
  SECcurity Fraction Collector
Part number: 409-0003
The SECcurity quaternary pump is for low pressure mixing of up to four solvents. The quaternary pump provides highest flexibility in solvent mixing and is recommended for a wide range of research and routine applications, and in the method development area.
The SECcurity GPC1200 fraction collector is designed for optimized fraction collection capability without compromises. It is suitable for microtiter plates, test-tubes and bottles and comes with a standard rack for 120 test tubes with 12-18 mm diameter. Fractionation is programmable locally at the fraction collector by: 
•    time
•    peak (window, drift, slope)
•    drop volume (built-in drop counter)
or using the WinGPC UniChrom software control. The fraction collector supports different sized collection vessels. Large volume vessels can be set when the standard rack lid is removed. 

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