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All PSS light scattering detectors are seamlessly integrated in the PSS WinGPC UniChrom software and can be used in a stand-alone setup or in a client/server network environment. A WinGPC software wizard allows both, a simple, secure and fast detector setup including inter detector delay determination and detector calibration, as well as a regular verification. The wizard automatically adjusts to the type of detector (LALLS, RALLS, TALLS, MALLS). Comfortable sequence and WinGPC end actions for the detectors protect investments, save resources and extend the lifetime of lasers and laser diodes.

SECcurity SLD1000 (NEW)
PSS SECcurity SLD1000

Type: Static 90 ° - angle light scattering detector (RALLS)

Unique features: Selectable wavelength between 300-600 nm,
Options: SLD1000B: bio-inert cell
                SLD1000μ: for UGPC and isocratic UHPLC systems 
Application examples:

  • Proteins (globular up to 1,000,000 Da, and fluorescent proteins)
  • Isotropic scatterers (linear macromolecules up to 200,000 Da, branched higher)
  • Colored Solutions



MDS390 (NEW)
PSS SECcurity MDS390

Type: Static 15 ° and 90 ° angle light scattering detector (TALLS)
           Optional: Dynamic light scattering
Unique features: integrated system with RI detector using a matching wavelength and viscometer (both optional)

Options: bio-inert version available
Application examples:

  • Macromolecules and anisotropic scatterers
  • Proteins



SECcurity SLD7000PSS SECcurity SLD7000
Type: Static 7- angle light scattering detector (MALLS)
           angle range 35° -145°
Unique features: batch/off-line mode operation without cell modification
Options: SLD7000B: bio-inert cell and tubing
               heated cell
               fluorescence filter
Application examples:

  • Macromolecules and anisotropic scatterers
  • Branched polymers (branching index based on radius of gyration)
  • Proteins


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