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WinGPC UniChrom Update v.8.2 - PSS USA
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  • New software wizards allow efficient method setup, calibration and data evaluation for beginners and advanced users alike. 
  • New sequence controls guarantee uninterrupted work-flows to save time and money.

As a new calibration option, WinGPC now supports direct size calculations (DLS). The tracebility of results has been increased by adding direct links to the calibration runs. New filter options allow easy and fast diagnosis from WinGPC Logbooks. The analysis of multiple sample peaks is now faster than ever by combining WinGPC's peak search with the unique multi area analysis. 

New supported ChromPilot systems are the PSS 2D Polymer Analyzer, the PSS µ-SECcurity system, Agilent fraction collectors, nano, capillary, micro and prep systems as well as valves from Agilent and Valco-Vici.

Updates are available for all WinGPC versions starting from Atari/WinGPC3 up to WinGPC Unity and WinGPC UniChrom 8.0/8.1.

Please contact us for a quote.


View the webinar event showcasing the new software update.

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