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WinGPC Configuration and Versions

WinGPC is available as stand-alone/network and as Client/Server version. The difference of the two versions is the instrument management and the accessibility. Functionality, featuresdata acquisition hardware, and software modules are the same for both versions.

The stand-alone/network solution can be the basis for a Client/Server solution. No modification of hardware installation is required for the upgrade. The WinGPC user interface is the same for both solution, so that trainig after the upgrade is limited.

Which version is right for you? (pdf document with case studies)

Stand-alone/network installation


The stand-alone/network solution can be installed on any PC with Windows Operating System, either on a local or a network drive. Data acquisition can be done locally or network wide via LAN. Instrument control with the ChrommPilot is available locally or network wide via LAN. Up to four independent GPC/SEC systems can be controlled with one WinGPC license.

Part number: 400-0080
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Client/Server installation


The Client/Server solution is designed for laboratories that require a variety of instruments to be accessible to many users simultaneously. The “data follow people” principle allows to control and review runs and data from any location anywhere.

The NetConnect software manages all chromatography systems within the department or even company wide, via the network. Authorized users may reserve the requested instruments before starting tests. While the data acquisition is activated, the run can be controlled, modified or processed from every network client. The built in access control guarantees measurements free of interference from other users.

Part number WinGPC Server: 401-0004
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Supported detectors and instruments

System/Detector control via WinGPC ChromPilot is available for

  • PSS SECcurity GPC System
  • EcoSEC GPC System
  • HP/Agilent 1100/1200/1260/1290 System
  • Agilent 1120/1220
  • Shimadzu Nexera, Prominence, LC-8/10/20A
  • Dionex UHPLC+ Focused, UltiMate 3000
  • Shodex RI 100/200
  • Wyatt DAWN DSP, DAWN EOS, Mini-Dawn

(Updated: January 2012; currently in preparation: support for Waters systems)

In addition WinGPC supports all detectors with analog output and several detectors with digital data output:



RI (refractive index)

any, e.g. PSS, Agilent, Waters, Shodex, and others


any, e.g. PSS, Agilent, Waters, Perkin Elmer, JASCO, and others


any, e.g. PSS, Shodex, and others

ELSD (evaporating light scattering detector)

any, e.g. PSS, Agilent, and others

on-line light scattering detectors

any, e.g. PSS, BIC, Wyatt*, Malvern/Viscotek, PDI, and others

on-line viscometer

any, e.g. PSS, Agilent, WGE, Malvern/Viscotek, and others

* all angles for DAWN DSP, DAWN EOS, Mini-Dawn; for others: 90° angle or 2 or 3 angles depending on the number of available outputs

WinGPC's flexible and robust data acquisition hardware allows the vendor independent connection to any LC instrument (PSS, Agilent, PE, PL/Varian, Waters, and many others). The PSS UDC810 chromatography interface allows to record data with superior data security and stability. PSS A/D converters, using fibre optic data transmission, can be used to overcome large distances between instruments and host PC in stand-alone installations.

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