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WinGPC UniChrom MCDS

PSS’ products are known for their quality, performance, and reliability, giving many years of useful service. For highest security with respect to new Operating Systems (OS) and best compatibility with new PC hardware, PSS recommends to update to the current version.

Current WinGPC Version:

PSS WinGPC UniChrom 8.1, Build number: 2827

Release date: 11/2012

Updates to WinGPC UniChrom:

Software update from WinGPC Unity (previous version)

P/N 400-0209

Software update from WinGPC version 6.x or 7.x

P/N 400-0208

Software update from Atari version or WinGPC version 3.x or 4.x

P/N 400-0207 

Contact us for your update or a quote.

PC Requirements


IBM compatible computer with dual core processor, 2 GHz or better; MS module requires 3GHz or better
2 GB or more; MS module requires 3 GB or more
40 GB for single instruments, 140 GB for multi instrument configurations harddisk space
XGA graphics card, 17" XGA monitor (19" SXGA recommended), keyboard, mouse and hard drive.

Operating System

  • Windows 2000 Prof. SP4 or later, XP (up to SP3), Vista (up to SP2); Windows 7 (up to SP1), 32 bit and 64 bit supported
  • WinGPC UniChrom with ChromPilot: dotNET Framework (version 3.5)
  • WinGPC UniChrom with Compliance Pack: dotNET Framework (version 3.5)


Since PSS WinGPC UniChrom uses sub-windows to organize and display the necessary GPC/SEC information, a fast graphics adapter and a 17" monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels are recommended.

For printing results the PSS WinGPC UniChrom software supports any printer which is supported by Windows.


Please contact us if you need WinGPC versions for other operating systems than stated above.

WinGPC version history

WinGPC UniChrom 8.1

(build no. 2827)


  • supports Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, Win 2000
  • New module: 3D spectra with data capture from all rc.NET DAD, FLD and PSS UV
  • Wizards for major workflows and tasks, new Wizard User Interface (WUI)
  • Guided Detector Setup
  • Sequence Manager enhancements:
    - Wizard for fast sample entries
    - Support of partial sequences
    - Enhanced entry validation
  • Enhanced digital data capture for PSS, Agilent, Shodex, Tosoh with 
    easy-to-use digital signal configuration setup and full support for auxillay signals (pressure, temperatures, gradient,...)
  • ChromPilot Support of 
    - PSS BioSECcurity systems and modules
    - new viscometers and LS detectors
    - ELS detectors from  Agilent,Sedere,SofTA,Varian
  • Batch import for ChemStation and AiA/AnDI/CDF
  • Upgraded ReportDesigner with simplified user interface
  • Additional ReportDesigner objects and PDF background
  • Bug fixes and improvements

WinGPC UniChrom 8.0

(build 994)


  • supports Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, Win 2000
  • ChromPilot with vendor-independent instrument control; currently supports:
    - all PSS SECcurity systems and modules
    - all Agilent LC/CE systems
    - all Dionex Ultimate 3000 modules
    - all Shimadzu systems since LC-8
    - Tosoh EcoSEC
    - Shodex detectors
    - Waters Alliance
  • ChromPilot Configuration Manager allows mixed controlled systems
    the Sequence Manager acts as workflow manager
  • Project Manager organizes and pre-views analyses
  • Mass Spectrometry module for all MS types (SQ, QQQ, MALDI, Ion Trap,...) and for all vendors
    - unified user interface for all vendors
    - determine absolute molar mass and MWD
    - find by-products and contaminations
    - elucidate complex structures
  • comprehensive dA/dc support for protein work
  • overlays with up to 512 signalsfor high throughput work
  • upgraded ReportDesigner with simplified user interface
  • revamped user interface for higher productivity
  • new MSI installer with USB driver pre-installation and improved ease of use
  • bug fixes and improvements

WinGPC Unity 7.5

(build no. 9586)


  • support Microsoft Windows 7 - 32 bit,   64bit support for Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • PSS SECcurrity 1260 GPC/SEC modules controlled
  • support of PSS SECcurity Compact System
  • Agilent 1260 and 1220 system control
  • supports Wyatt TREOS via AD converters
  • CompliancePack supports Batch electronic signatures
  • CompliancePack supports independent approval of electronic signature (4-eye process)
  • enhancements in ReportDesigner
  • enhancements in SystemPilot
  • bug fixes and improvements

WinGPC Unity 7.4

(build no. 9350)


  • support for Microsoft Vista SP2
  • PSS SECcurrity GPC/SEC system control added to SystemPilot
  • precision values for all GPC results, with review of results uncertainties, quantifcation of system stability, calibration quality and signal quality
  • enhanced system suitability testing, SST, with support for international standards and guidelines
  • new user-defined system suitability tests
  • new performance testing with in-depth tests for pump, injector, detectors and instrument qualification
  • instrument scheduler for unattended runs and for repeating tasks
  • automatic determination of HPLC response factors
  • enhancements in ReportDesigner
  • enhancements in SystemPilot
  • bug fixes and improvements

WinGPC Unity 7.3

(build no. 6807)


  • support for Microsoft Vista operating system
  • ReportDesigner plus functionality added
  • EcoSEC semi-micro GPC System instrument control added to SystemPilot
  • Agilent 1120 instrument control added to SystemPilot
  • new Help files and HTML help system
  • enhanced EasyValid support
  • new print options for sample lists
  • modified initialization for user levels und user rights with Compliance Pack
  • comprehensive instrument status documentation with every injection (SystemPilot required)
  • new statistical functions (ReportDesigner plus required)
  • create PDF reports without external PDF creator (ReportDesigner plusrequired)
  • export reports to MS Excel (ReportDesigner plus required)
  • improved search algoriths for sample search option in sample databases

WinGPC Unity SR1

(build no. 5403)


  • bug fixes and improvements
  • full PSS UDC 810 support
  • new WinGPC access manager
  • WinGPC Compliance Pack
  • udated support for PSS GPC EasyValid Validation Kit
  • SystemPilot for PSS SECcurity and HP/Agilent 1100/1200 systems
  • import of Agilent 32bit ChemStation files
  • JCAMP file import and merge to WinGPC project
  • WinGPC Client/Server with 1100/1200 control
  • guided advanced membrane characterization added
  • improved usability of overlay dialog
  • extensive file/folder access right tests
  • additional result fields in ReportDesigner
  • additional Compliance Pack fields in ReportDesigner

WinGPC Unity

(build no. 2019)


  • new online help system
  • new step-by-step guides
  • WinGPC Client/Server version created
  • guided light scattering setup added
  • WinGPC project converter added
  • Improved method conversion

WinGPC Unity

(build no. 1321)


  • new data structure for enhanced documentation
  • more inject dependent saving options
  • new design for viscometry module
  • adds Triple plus detection for MALLS and viscometry
  • new 2D Chromatography module
  • specific detector masks
  • wizards for easy 2D and light scattering setup
  • new quick analysis functionality
  • improved usability
  • new sample comment fields
  • new validation report
  • HPLC height analysis

WinGPC Version 7.12

(build no. 6450)


  • improved MALLS data acquisition
  • improved support for PSS WinChrom
  • HighSpeed Interface
  • new overlay data format

WinGPC Version 7.1

(build no. 5842)


  • multi-angle light scattering support added
  • supports direct data capture from all Wyatt DAWNs
  • supports data capture from BIC MwA

WinGPC Version 7

(build no. 4291)


  • supports WINGPC Server
  • support for Windows NT/2K Terminal Server added

WinGPC Version 6.2

(build no. 3400)


  • adds ReportDesigner support
  • adds LAN data acquisition support
  • Client/Server option added
  • Thin client (terminal server) support added
  • multi area analysis options added
  • Improved usability tested by usability lab
  • supports new software addons
  • supports Windows XP

WinGPC Version 6.1

(build no. 1589)


  • added support for Win ME and Win2k
  • adds complete GPC automation
  • adds automatic calibration and recalibration
  • new database project management
  • adds universal LIMS support
  • HighSpeed GPC support added
  • adds Internet publishing of results
  • file import filters for all major LC software

WinGPC Version 6

(no build no.)


  • new 32-bit version
  • revamped user interface
  • software design, development, production and support ISO9001 monitored
  • supports Win9x, Win NT
  • new license keys
  • integrated calibration
  • new calibration options
  • adds wizards for additional ease-of-use
  • full internal software validation and certification
  • Compliance tests for ISO, EN, ASTM, DIN, ...
  • new help system, step-by-step support

WinGPC Version 4


  • improved user interface
  • new license keys
  • native 32 bit OS support
  • supports multiple languages
  • new online help
  • adds endgroup analysis
  • adds chemical heterogeneity studies

WinGPC Version 3.6


  • adds LS detector support

WinGPC Version 3.3


  • adds copolymer compositional analysis
  • software certification added

WinGPC Version 3.1


  • adds HPLC quatification
  • supports 2D chromatography

WinGPC Version 3


  • improved user interface; support for Win NT

WinGPC Version 2.7


  • support for IBM OS/2

WinGPC Version 2.3


  • adds viscosity detector support
  • updated calibration

WinGPC Version 2


  • release for Windows 3 and WfW3.11
  • Supports up to 3 instruments

WinGPC Version 1


  •  initial release for Windows 2

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