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The light scattering detector provides absolute molar masses without requiring the appropriate polymer calibration standards. The GPC/SEC separates the sample by size and the on-line light scattering detector determines the molar mass  directly. Clients get the absolute weight average (Mw) and molecular weight distribution of the polymer. The method is limited by the molecular weight of the sample (depending on the type of polymer), the minimum molar mass normally has to be above 5000 g/mol.

GPC/SEC/GFC Light Scattering Coupling by PSS USA


PSS uses a multi angle light scattering detector (MALLS) during routine operation. The MALLS detector  provides additional information about the radius of gyration, which is derived from the angular dependency of the scattered light. From the combination of absolute molecular masses and corresponding radius of gyration, it is  possible to obtain important structure information and branching.

Results provided to the client:

  •   molecular weight distribution
  •   absolute molecular weight averages
  •   batch molecular weight average Mw
  •   radius of gyration averages
  •   branching / structure information

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