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The capability to get accurate molar masses without having the proper polymer standards is offered by on-line viscosity detection. This method uses the concept of universal calibration and provides the correct masses, the molecular weight distribution, Mark-Houwink coefficients, and information about the structure of the polymer. With viscosity detection also small molecules (e.g. oligomers) can be analyzed, a big advantage over on-line light scattering measurements.  

The GPC - viscosity coupling allows to determine the important relationship between intrinsic viscosity and molar mass of a polymer within one measurement. From this data, the Mark-Houwink parameters of the investigated 'polymer - solvent' system and structural information can be opbtained.  

Results provided to the client:  

  •   intrinsic viscosity  
  •   Mark-Houwink parameters  
  •   molecular weight distribution  
  •   molecular weight averages, Mw, Mn, Mz  
  •   branching / structural information

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