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This method is useful for analysis of complex polymer systems like polymer blends, copolymers, functionalized, and branched polymers. These samples are usually heterogeneous in terms of chemical composition, functionality and structure. Since GPC/SEC separates only according to size, GPC/SEC is not sufficient to describe such a system. Therefore, the combination of two chromatographic methods to separate the mixture into more homogeneous fractions (i.e. functional groups) followed by separation by molar masses constitutes a better approach.


WinGPC software allows the automatic transition from one dimension to the other. PSS offers the development of 2D applications and performs the analysis for you, with our special software for data acquisition, quantitative interpretation and data plotting, the WinGPC 2D Chromatography module.  

Results provided to the customer: 

  • complete deformulation 
  • composition
  • molecular weight distribution
  • molecular weight averages, Mw, Mn, Mz 
  • copolymer composition

For more information about the principles and use of 2D chromatography see:

"Facing the Challenge of Analyzing Complex Polymers: A Primer in 2-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography"


All orders for 2 Dimensional chromatography are custom quoted in accordance with the customer needs. Request a quote for more information.

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